Chapter 1534 Protect Mommy

After He Shuhan left, Jin Fengchen returned to the room.

“Has Shuhan left?" Jiang Sese asked with a smile when he saw him coming in.

Immediately after, she noticed from his expression that something was not right, and she forced a smile, "He told you everything?"

“Yes,” Jin Fengchen nodded.

"I don't know why Bo Gelian would appear suddenly. In fact, you also know that I hate him…" Jiang Sese was afraid that he would misunderstand and hurriedly explained.

After all, Bo Gelian previously wanted her to file for divorce.

"I'm not angry with you." Seeing the nervousness on her face, Jin Fengchen's mouth broke into a faint smile. "I'm just thinking about another very important thing."

"What is it?" asked Jiang Sese.

“Stay away from Li Xi in the future."

Jiang Sese was confused. "How does this involve Li Xi?"

"How did Bo Gelian find out that you were pregnant? Who told him?"

Jiang Sese was taken aback, recalling what happened with Li Xi yesterday, she put two and two together. "Do
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