Chapter 1535 You Forced Me!

Jiang Sese went back to her room. She sat down on the edge of the bed, thinking of Tiantian's cute little appearance that had just hounded her for more stories, and her heart could not help but soften.

She also thought of Xiaobao who had become more independent and sensible.

She only realized today that Xiaobao had become so mature unconsciously, and only then did she realize that time flies.

She still remembered when she first met him at the company. He was just like a little dumpling, but now he was like a little man.

She really did not want him to grow up so fast.

She was reluctant to see Xiaobao get more mature than his peers. This way, he would lose some of the happiness of childhood.

Jin Fengchen pushed open the door and saw Jiang Sese sitting by the bed.

He walked toward her lightly.

She was still immersed in her thoughts and did not notice Jin Fengchen coming in.

“Sese,” Jin Fengchen called out softly.

A familiar voice rang in her ears. Jiang Sese returned to her sens
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