Chapter 1536 Shangguan Qian Is Getting Married

Bo Gelian's businesses had been developed steadily in the country. The pharmaceutical market has gradually expanded and everything was progressing rather smoothly.

Moreover, he had privately established several medical bases and brought in many medical experts from abroad to focus on medical research.

Among them was a private medical lab, which brought together seven or eight medical research elites from home and abroad to focus on the research and development of the cure to Jiang Sese's pathogen.

Bo Gelian was determined to save Jiang Sese.

He did not care about the lives and deaths of others, except for Jiang Sese.

He just wanted her to live. Maybe this would be the biggest bargaining chip he would have to obtain her!

He must save her no matter what!

Jin Fengchen knew all about Bo Gelian’s actions during this period.

"Young Master, does Bo Gelian want to restart his activities abroad by rapidly expanding in the country?" Gu Nian asked worriedly.

After all, Bo Gelian was a da
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