Chapter 1542 Think This Through

The ambulance soon arrived and Jin Fengchen was taken to the emergency room of the hospital.

Looking at the closed door, Jiang Sese's tears continued to fall. Her heart felt like it was being crushed by unseen hands, making her choke.

Jin Fengyao and his parents received the news and hurried over.

"Sister in law." Jin Fengyao ran to Jiang Sese and looked at her with a worried face.

Jiang Sese turned, saw them, and immediately wailed even louder, "Fengchen is… Fengchen is…”

Madam Jin immediately teared up and hugged her. Although she felt very sad in her heart, she comforted her softly: "Don't worry, he will be fine."

This was to comfort Jiang Sese, and also to comfort herself.

"What on earth happened?" Master Jin looked solemnly at the closed doors of the emergency room and asked.

Jin Fengyao looked at Jiang Sese, who was out of breath with tears in her eyes, and said to Master Jin, "Dad, Sese can't explain this situation clearly. Let's wait for her to calm down before asking
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