Chapter 1544 Daddy, You’re Too Weak

Early the next morning, Master Jin, and Madam Jin came to the hospital with Xiaobao and Tiantian.


Xiaobao and Tiantian ran to the bedside in tandem. They lay on the edge of the bed, their large eyes looking at Jin Fengchen.

"There you are." Seeing the two kids, Jin Fengchen's expression softened.

"Daddy, uncle said you were injured. Does it hurt?" Tiantian cocked her head and asked sweetly.

Jin Fengchen smiled and touched her little head. "I never feel pain when I see you."

"Daddy, I can blow it for you, so that the pain will go away quickly." Tiantian began to try to climb up the bed with her short legs.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Sese quickly took her down. "Sweet, be careful not to crush your dad."

"Oh." Sweet pouted. "I just wanted to help blow on daddy’s wound"

"Daddy’s not in pain anymore." Jiang Sese touched her head and laughed.

"Daddy, I checked online, and people who suffer concussions need to rest well. Please let uncle take care of the company for now.”

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