Chapter 1546: I Know You Love Me The Most

Song Qingwan was already six months pregnant. If she had fallen, it was hard for the baby in her womb to be fine.

“She fainted from the pain. Your father and I aren’t clear about the details. We’ll have to wait for the doctor to come out…”

Before Madam Jin could finish, Jin Fengyao was beyond himself with panic. He tried to burst into the emergency room.

“Fengyao!” Master Jin and Madam Jin had a shocked look on their faces. Even if they wanted to stop him, it would be too late.

At the same time, Jin Fengchen arrived. When he saw this, he ran forward to grab hold of him and said sternly, “Fengyao, calm yourself! You’ll get in the doctor’s way if you go in there!”

“Bro, I’m worried about Wanwan. I’m worried she’s…” Jin Fengyao’s eyes turned red, not daring to imagine what he would do if something really happened to Wanwan.

His mind was occupied with the mental image of the pregnant Song Qingwan sending him off as he was leaving home that morning.

Jin Fengchen knew that no m
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