Chapter 1548 Spread The News

That night, in the waterfront villa.

Crimmings and Su Qingyin were already asleep.

In the wee hours of the morning, they were woken up by the sudden ringing of a phone.

“It’s so late, who could it be?” Su Qingyin asked drowsily.

Crimmings took his phone and looked, it was the number of his foreign subordinate.

“Go back to bed. I need to take this call.”

Su Qingyin saw him go to the balcony with his phone, and didn't think much of it. She turned over and went back to sleep.

Crimmings answered the phone and asked coldly, "Why do you need to call me at this hour? Don't you know what time it is on my side?"

"Mr. President, something has happened."

The subordinate's tone was very flustered, which gave Crimmings a bad feeling. "What is it?"

"Several of our subsidiaries have been investigated by the authorities. They’ve asked us to stop operations to cooperate. Apart from the companies, all the business premises have been ordered to close.”

Crimmings’ expression darkened. "
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