Chapter 1553 Who Dares To Destroy My Scene?

An hour later, Bo Gelian arrived at the underground casino.

The underground casino was located in the underground of an abandoned residential area in the suburbs, and its entrance was very well hidden. Only people with special channels can enter it.

In order to develop his career smoothly in China and gain a firm foothold, Bo Gelian had privately expanded many contacts during this period.

The boss of the casino was very powerful, and he held all kinds of contacts that Bo Gelian wanted.

As soon as Bo Gelian entered the neighborhood, someone came to take him into the casino.

Although the casino was underground, it was brightly lit, full of people and lively.

"Mr. Bo Gelian, our boss is waiting for you in the box."

The man led Bo Gelian to a private room and pushed the door open.

Xue Can, who was sitting in the middle of the sofa, turned his head and saw that it was Bo Gelian. He immediately stood up and greeted him.

His oily face spread into a smile, and he held Bo Gelian's hand
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