Chapter 156 Each with Their Own Idea

Jiang Sese's face darkened when she heard Han Jing's insulting comment. She could imagine how frustrated Han Jing had to feel at the moment, but she wasn't the type to endure everything in silence.

With a smirk, Jiang Sese said, "I don't recall any rules saying we're not allowed to socialize with our clients outside of work. Han Jing, I have succeeded in all my projects because I worked hard for them. You may not have what it takes to do your job right, but don't think everyone else is as despicable as you."

After that, Jiang Sese left without taking any information from Han Jing. She went to Su Shan instead to get the general information on the client, then went back to her desk.

The others also thought that Han Jing hadn't gotten her facts straight and were convinced that she was obviously jealous of Jiang Sese, which was why no one had backed Han Jing up. The woman sat at her desk, seething with anger.

She gritted her teeth. Recalling how difficult the head of the SR Group proje
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Virgo Lapodye
Jiang sese?must follow her heart,have a DNA for both of them xiaoxiao

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