Chapter 1567 His Methods Are Nothing To Me

The press could never be easily chased away. They kept standing watch outside of the factory.

The relevant departments sent people to check out the materials.

After testing, the materials were immediately impounded and the Jin Group was immediately invited to carry out internal examinations to make sure that the other materials were uncompromised.

When the media found out about this, it was immediately published online.

When it was first reported that the materials in the Jin Group’s medical equipment was toxic, many netizens could not believe that such a serious problem would happen to the Jin Group.

However, they never expected this result.

[If this was not exposed in time, would these materials be used in the manufacture of medical equipment?]

[Do you really think that the Jin Group’s quality control people at the factory are there for show? How could they not have found out that their materials were defective?]

[How can the Jin Group toy with their reputation. If
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