Chapter 1568 Daddy, We Missed You A Lot

Jiang Sese pushed open the door of the office and immediately saw the man sitting behind the desk. His head was lowered as he read his documents intently.

Jin Fengchen thought it was Gu Nian who came in, so he did not pay them any heed.

He was just waiting for Gu Nian to give his report.


Unexpectedly, a soft, reedy voice spoke.

He looked up and a smile spread across his cold face. He looked at mother and child gently, "Why are you here?"

"We came to see you." Jiang Sese came over and put the lunch bag on the table. "We also brought you dinner."

When she got close, she noticed the dark rings under his eyes and she could not help but feel distress. "You haven’t rested well these past two days. Are you tired?"


He was a little tired, but when he saw the mother and daughter, he felt all the fatigue disappear from him.

He only felt relaxed.

Jiang Sese pretended to look at him crossly. "You’re lying, there are dark circles under your eyes."

"Daddy, we missed you
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