Chapter 1569 Won’t Make Too Many Waves

Crimmings followed Carl into the office.

When he saw Bo Gelian sitting behind his desk, his eyes flashed, but it was quickly replaced with a smile.

He stepped forward quickly and held out his hand. "I've heard a lot about you, Mr. Bo Gelian."

Bo Gelian got up, shook his hand, and smiled kindly. "Me too."

Their eyes met. They were all smiles, but they were secretly sizing each other up.

"This way, please." Bo Gelian took the lead in releasing his hand and making a gesture.

They went to the guest lounge’s sofa in tandem and sat down.

"Mr. Crimmings, why do you suddenly want to cooperate with me?" Leaning back against the sofa, Bo Gelian crossed his legs and got straight to the point, "Aren't you working well with Shangguan Qian?"

Crimmings chuckled, "Why would you ask if you already know? I'm sure you know something about what happened some time ago. "

Bo Gelian raised his eyebrows. "You mean Shangguan Qian ate your market share?"

At the mention of this matter, Crimmings’ hear
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