Chapter 1573 Who Wouldn’t Like You?

Jiang Sese blushed and glared at him. "Stop it, it's time to go out."

Saying this, she went to the front of the dressing mirror to mend her lipstick.


Jin Fengchen looked at her with tenderness in his eyes. He went to the cloakroom and took a windbreaker and put it on her shoulder. "Wear it first, it's cold outside."

Jiang Sese knew that she could not be careless with her body, so she put it on obediently.

Later, they left together. When they arrived at the top floor of the hotel, they could already hear laughter.

Jiang Sese took Jin Fengchen’s arm and went in. The employees who had been chatting all looked in their direction.

Jiang Sese, who became the focus of their attention, was embarrassed, but still maintained a gentle and generous smile.

"Chairman Jin, Mrs. Jin." Two high-level managers came forward to greet them respectfully.

Jin Fengchen nodded slightly. "Hmm."

He was taciturn as always.

Jiang Sese could not help but laugh as she said, "Today's celebration d
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