Chapter 1578 Who Said I Want A Grandson?

When they got to the kitchen, Shang Ying asked, "Sese, what happened to the virus in your body, will it act up again?"

The last time she had a virus attack, it scared them all.

Jiang Sese gave her a soothing smile. "It's under control, and there's no recurrence."

Shang Ying breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good."

She picked up her apron, tied her belt and said, "You stay here for a few days, and I'll make sure you recover well."

"Thank you, Aunty." Jiang Sese hugged her arm. "You love me the most."

Shang Ying gave her a look with a smile. "Who would I love if not you?"

In the evening, the family got together for dinner. There was constant laughter, and the atmosphere was warm and pleasant.

The Old Man was in high spirits, and his face was ruddy and glowing.

"The home hasn't been so lively for a long time." He said cheerfully.

"Grandpa, when Yuchen and Weiwei's child are born, the family will always be so lively." Jiang Sese said with a smile.

"Sese is right, the home will
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