Chapter 1579 Brother, Don’t Die

The azure sea was crystal clear, and as the sunlight shone on it, it sparkled with a layer of golden light.

"It's beautiful."

Jiang Sese’s eyes were transfixed on the sea outside the window.

Jin Fengchen came over and hugged her from behind. His deep and gentle voice rang in her ear, "Do you want to go for a walk on the beach?"

Jiang Sese turned to look at him. "Can we?"

Jin Fengchen smiled. "Of course."

At this moment, Xiaobao ran over, "Daddy, mommy, I want to go swimming."

"I want to play with water, too!" Tiantian said.

"Okay." Jiang Sese knew that they had been bored recently. They finally were on holiday, so how could she let them down?


The two children cheered loudly!

Jiang Sese took the children upstairs and helped them change into their swimsuits before going out.

There was a private beach in front of the villa, and there were no other visitors except the family of four.

There were pool umbrellas, lounge chairs and tables on the beach.

The servants had sp
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