Chapter 1588 Causes Dementia

Jin Fengchen was filled with doubts. He collected the white powder and got up to leave.

This called for professional help.

Jiang Sese had just finished with Tiantian. She saw that, although Fengchen had just returned from work, he seemed to be in a hurry and was in a rush to go out again.

She wondered out loud, “You just came home. Is there something wrong at the office?"

Jin Fengchen paused, turned, and saw her looking at him worriedly. He could not bear to tell her his hunch.

So, he just nodded. "I have to go and deal with something and will come back soon."

After he finished speaking, he strode out of the house.

He knew Sese’s personality and knew that she would be worried if he raised his suspicions with her. It was better to not let her know until he had more concrete information.

After leaving the house, Jin Fengchen went directly to Han Yu.

Seeing Jin Fengchen coming into the research lab, Han Yu and Mo Xie were very surprised, "Young Master, why are you here? Did so
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