Chapter 1590 There Will Be Someone To Take The Blame

Li Xi realized that she had not received any news from the Jin family and the little girl even attended kindergarten looking all healthy and active. She knew that the plan had failed.

The drug was extremely effective and would have been effective in small doses. If she had taken such a large dose, it was impossible to get through the night, let alone have no response.

It could be concluded that the little girl did not eat it.

She did not know if the child forgot to take it, or that the Jin family discovered it and prevented her from taking it.

However, it did not matter anymore. Even if she did not take it, there were other ways to deal with her.

Even if Jin Fengchen suspected something and started to investigate, it would not matter.

He had no proof and would not move against her.

As she thought about this, Li Xi stopped taking this matter to heart.

At this moment, her cell phone rang suddenly. It was her subordinate who she instructed to pay close attention to the situatio
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