Chapter 1593 The Jin Group Is Not Afraid Of Anyone

Seeing that Tiantian was no longer making a fuss because of Xiaobao's words, the two adults were relieved.

Not long after Jin Fengchen went out to work, Xiaobao also went to school.

That evening, the family had a quiet dinner, then Jin Fengchen returned to his home office to continue his work.

Everyone knew that Jin Fengchen did not like being interrupted when he was working. Therefore, apart from the sound of him flipping through documents and typing on the keyboard, there was no other sound in the quiet study room.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Jin Fengchen thought it was Jiang Sese and looked up.

He saw a small figure enter and he raised his eyebrows at Xiaobao. "What's the matter?"

Xiaobao did not answer as he carefully closed the door of the study room. Then, he approached the desk and raised his eyes at Jin Fengchen. "Daddy, are you hiding something from us?"

He spoke calmly, as if he was a little adult.

Although he was his own son, Jin Fengchen did
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