Chapter 1596 Have Him Die

When Li Xi arrived, Jiang Cheng had already learned about the news over the Internet and was going to the JR branch to see her.

The two of them met at the door.

"Jiang Cheng…”

As soon as she saw Jiang Cheng, the shame and aggrievance that Li Xi had been holding back suddenly surged.

Jiang Cheng had known Li Xi for many years but had never seen her like this. He could not help but feel heartache. This was the person who lived in the cusp of his heart and she was bullied like this by Jin Fengchen!

However, he also secretly felt a little happy. In fact, he knew Li Xi's feelings for him, and that she only stayed by his side for revenge.

However, now that she had been wronged, the first person she thought of was him.

It could be seen that, in her mind, he was someone she could rely on, and was considered special to her.

Nevertheless, this was just not the time to think about this. Jiang Cheng suppressed the thoughts in his heart and smiled at Li Xi. “Don’t be afraid. No one can bull
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