Chapter 1600 Don’t Be Afraid, I’m Here

Jiang Sese gripped back. She smiled at Jin Fengchen with relief. "Then I'll go."

After saying that, she followed Han Yu and they walked into the examination room for a physical examination.

Han Yu and the rest wanted to ensure to the maximum extent that Jiang Sese's physical indicators showed that her body can accept the antidote, so the inspection was very thorough.

He said solemnly to Jiang Sese, "Young Mistress, although there are many inspection items, in order to ensure the accuracy of the results, you must also relax."

Jiang Sese nodded with a smile, she had been through this so many times, how could she be nervous?

What will be will be, whether it is success or failure. She just had to let go.

She smiled at the room full of researchers, "I'm not nervous, so don't be nervous and put the needle in wrongly, I'm afraid of pain."

After what she said, the people in the room instantly laughed in embarrassment.

How could they not be nervous? After so many experiments, this ant
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