Chapter 1601 The Virus Is Starting To Disappear!

Jin Fengchen had been in a state of anxiety since he was pulled out of the treatment room.

He kept pacing back and forth, trying to see the situation of Jiang Sese, but it was clear that it would disturb Han Yu's work.

However, he had no way to let himself wait quietly for the result.

As time went by, Jin Fengchen became more and more irritated.

Gu Nian was a little worried about him. "Young Master, please rest. The Young Mistress has Han Yu, she will be fine."

"Gu Nian."

Jin Fengchen said in a low voice.

"Young Master, I'm here. What can I do for you?" Gu Nian hurriedly stepped forward and asked.

Jin Fengchen ordered in a low voice: "Go back and have a rest, thank you for your hard work today."

"But… Master..." Gu Nian hesitated.

Given the present state of the Young Master, it was not suitable for him to be alone.

"I'm fine." Jin Fengchen said in a low voice.

He was really fine, Jiang Sese was the one who was not alright. She was still burning up, and there were so many
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