Chapter 1603 Really Worthy Of My Sese

After Jiang Sese said this, they embraced.

They had a feeling of recovering something they lost. From now on, Jiang Sese will not be tortured by the virus again, and Jin Fengchen will not have to worry about it every day.

Han Yu grew emotional when he saw this scene.

In his eyes, the Young Master and the Young Mistress were a match made in heaven.

He had never seen a couple with feelings as deep as theirs, they never gave up, and it was enough to make people believe in love again.

He did not dare to continue to be a third wheel here, and walked out of the ward softly, so that they could enjoy this rare intimate moment.

After several days of observation, Jiang Sese's physical indexes all returned to normal values.

Jin Fengchen was finally at ease.

"Fengchen, I want to go home. I haven't seen Tiantian and Xiaobao for several days. I miss them so much." On this day, Jiang Sese lay on Jin Fengchen’s shoulder and whined softly.

In fact, as early as two days ago, she wanted t
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