Chapter 1606 Another Brother!

As soon as the plane landed, they rushed to the hospital.

When they arrived, Song Qingwan was still not yet in the delivery room. She was in good spirits. Save for the occasional bouts of pain, she was joking with the rest of the family, and was even eating well.

When she saw them, Song Qingwan was quite surprised. “Brother, sister in law, back so soon? I thought you’d only come back after I gave birth.”

When everyone else heard that, they laughed.

Before long, Song Qingwan suddenly shouted in panic, "Fengyao, I- I think the baby’s coming, it hurts!"

Although Jin Fengyao had already experienced it once, he could not help being a little nervous now. "What should I do, what should I do now..."

"Silly boy, call a nurse!" Madam Jin glared at his son with some degree of frustration.

She then reached out and pressed the button to call the norse.

Song Qingwan's forehead was already covered in sweat, "Fengyao, it hurts..."

Jin Fengyao lovingly wiped her sweat, and could not help
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