Chapter 1609 I’m Not Your Private Investigator

On the other hand, Jiang Cheng contacted Mr. Wang again, "Mr. Wang, did you give Chairman Jin the tea I gave you last time?"

"President Jiang, I was just about to call you about this, it’s all thanks to your tea."

Mr. Wang laughed instantly when he saw the caller ID.

He did not expect so many issues to exist in the plan. He thought it was hopeless, but Jin Fengchen just asked him to go back and correct it.

He attributed all this to the box of tea that Jiang Cheng gave him.

"Mr. Wang, you’re too kind. But did Chairman Jin drink the tea yet? Did he enjoy the tea?" Jiang Cheng asked again.

Mr. Wang frowned, "Not yet, we were only talking about work.. Do you want to cooperate with him? Do you need me to make an introduction? "

"No, no, you don't have to mention my name, just treat it as though you bought it yourself. I want to cooperate with you. As you know, we had run-ins before, so don't mention it." Jiang Cheng hurriedly stopped him.

Why not mention his name?

Mr. Wang always
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