Chapter 1610 Refuse To Confess

Upon hearing this, Jin Fengchen's eyes narrowed slightly, and he sank: "According to our investigation, the person who poisoned it was Jiang Cheng."

"Jiang Cheng?"

Mo Tingfeng was surprised.

Jiang Cheng was the poisoner, and Lisa had contact with him again. All this seems to be clear.

Jin Fengchen hesitated for a moment, reminding, "However, even if Jiang Cheng and Lisa are close, you can't ignore Bo Gelian, he is still suspected."

"I understand."

Mo Tingfeng had been very keenly monitoring Bo Gelian. It was very dangerous for this man to continue remaining in the country.

Years of criminal police experience told him that people who often seem irrelevant are more likely to be the driving force behind it.

Jin Fengchen said, "Also, you'd better find a way to curb the developments on Lisa’s end, so as to prevent this drug from entering the market."

"I will deal with it as soon as possible, which not only involves your personal safety, but also has a great impact on the whole soc
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