Chapter 1611 Getting Closer And Closer To The Truth

After the lawyer walked out of the police station, she immediately went to Bo Gelian's residence.

"Mr. Bo Gelian, Ms. Lisa is in trouble now and needs your help very much." As soon as she saw Bo Gelian coming out of the apartment, the lawyer hurriedly stepped forward and told the story simply and clearly.

Bo Gelian's cold eyes passed over her. "What does it matter to me whether she lives or dies? I'm divorced from her, so don't bother me."

"I know, but for the sake of having been husband and wife, please help. Ms. Lisa came all the way to this country just for you. She is in trouble now, you can't ignore it! " The lawyer tried to persuade him.

"For me?" Bo Gelian even sneered, "Then I thank her for her kindness, but I don't want to help."

"Sir, but Lisa..."

Before the lawyer's words were finished, Bo Gelian strode to his car and drove away.

The lawyer looked at the car that was drifting away, but she was powerless. .

She did not have Bo Gelian's help, and it was even more impos
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