Chapter 1613 Even If There’s A Mistake, I’m Still Here

In the afternoon, at the confinement center.

The family of four went to see Song Qingwan as promised.

They had just arrived at the door of Song Qingwan's room, Tiantian flew in, "Auntie, Auntie, can I hug my brother?"

The younger brother she spoke of was sleeping soundly in the small bed nearby.

After seeing her sleeping brother, Tiantian instantly became silent, carefully lying on the edge of the bed, and whispered, "My brother is so cute, I like him so much, he’s so cute when I fall asleep!"

Tiantian could help but gently tap the baby's face with her hand. Seeing that he sniffled, she chuckled quietly again.

"Mommy, when will my brother call me sister?"

Seeing that she was full of joy and also distressed that her little brother could not play with her, Jiang Sese smiled and said, "When he grows up, he can call you sister."

Madam Jin glanced at Xiaobao, who was standing on the side, and looked at the baby in the crib. "From this point of view, this little guy is quite similar
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