Chapter 162 A Fever

Jiang Sese wanted to look away when she saw the couple in the restaurant.

Su Qingyin spotted her as well and greeted her with a natural, graceful smile. "Hello, Miss Jiang. Are you here to have your breakfast, too? Care to join us?"

Jin Fengchen turned around and saw Jiang Sese. He was about to invite her when...

"Thanks, but no." Jiang Sese turned down the offer in embarrassment.

She then found a table on the other side of the restaurant and sat down with Xu Na.

Jin Fengchen frowned at this. Looking at the woman a short distance away, he realized that he had guessed it right. Jiang Sese really was evading him. "But why?"

Jiang Sese could sense Jin Fengchen's eyes on her, but she didn't dare to meet his gaze.

Xu Na said in excitement, "Sister Sese, those two are the president of the Jin Group and the daughter of the Su Family, right? Mr. Jin is so handsome! I can't believe we've run into them in New York, let alone staying in the same hotel. What a coincidence! By the way, Siste
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Dawn Cross
im teally enjoying thos so far, although some of the translation is sketchy

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