Chapter 1621 Your Reputation Precedes You

After the two arranged their work matters and settled the two children, they flew to Y Country.

As soon as the plane landed, Jiang Sese and Jin Fengchen exited the gate. They saw a few men in suits and leather shoes walking toward them.

A man in a suit who looked like the leader took the lead and spoke in not very fluent Mandarin. "Excuse me, are you Chairman Jin of the Jin Group?"

Jin Fengchen nodded/ "Yes, and you are?"

The man introduced himself. "I'm Allen. I’m a manager at the Cassidy Group. Our boss had sent me to pick you and your wife up."

When he saw the couple, a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes. Although he had seen their pictures and knew what they looked like, they looked much better and had more presence in person.

He then respectfully said to Jin Fengchen and his wife, "Shall we head to the hotel now?"

He had heard much about this person. In addition to his outstanding appearance, Chairman Jin was also very efficient and resolute in his methods. Therefore
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