Chapter 1623 Don't You Want To Do Something Else

Jin Fengchen did not bother her when he saw her acting like a workaholic. He just sat aside and worked alongside her.

As time passed, Jin Fengchen had finished the work he had on hand. When he looked up, Jiang Sese was still immersed in work.

He glanced at his watch. It was past eleven o’clock.

He saw that Jiang Sese had no intention of slowing down. Not only did she not look tired, she actually looked more energetic. He could not help but say softly, "Sese, it's late. Time to wash up and take a rest."

Jiang Sese replied without even looking up, "Okay, you go ahead and rest first. I'll go to sleep after I'm done."

After saying this, she continued to focus intently on her work.

Jin Fengchen felt a little helpless and got up to get her a warm glass of milk.

It was now past midnight. Jin Fengchen glanced at her planning proposal. It was very detailed, but it was not even halfway done.

She would have to at least pull an all-nighter if she hoped to complete it.

“Sese, call it a nig
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