Chapter 1624 Shoot First

Jin Fengchen did not hesitate and quickly walked away.

When the two men rushed out, there was only the waiter apologizing profusely in the hallway.

"Maybe it was just someone passing by." The man searched the surroundings and found no one suspicious, so he came to this conclusion.

The other man was obviously more cautious. He shook his head and said coldly, "In any case, this person must be found. This matter is very serious. You know the consequences if this is discovered."

Although he had spoken quite vaguely, the other man immediately became alarmed and nodded vigorously. "I will check now."

After Jin Fengchen left the hallway of the private room, he returned to where Jiang Sese was. "Sese, it’s late. Let's head back."

Jiang Sese felt a little strange. His expression was a little serious, and it was not the same as it was before he left.

Jiang Sese subconsciously felt that something had happened, so she got up and followed him out.

After walking out of the coffee shop, she a
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