Chapter 1631 What Are Your Goals?

Song Lan relaxed for a while after he got into the car. He was about to close his eyes to rest when he frowned.

The route was wrong.

Although he was not familiar with country Y, he clearly remembered the way to York’s villa.

He immediately took a closer look at the front row and found that the driver and bodyguard had changed.

Obviously, something was wrong.

He lowered his eyes, calmly adjusted his cuffs, and spoke quietly, "Who are you and where are you taking me?"

On the other hand, in the corner of the parking lot, the stunned driver woke up with a low groan.

Rubbing his neck, he recalled what had happened before he fainted. He was suddenly surprised and hurriedly ran to the parking space.

The familiar Maybach was long gone.

His face turned pale and he went to the studio to have a look. The people inside had already gone.

The driver didn't dare to delay any longer, and quickly contacted York's assistant. "Tell Mr. York I just got knocked out, and Mr. Song Lan was picked u
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