Chapter 1632 So Concerned About Another Man?

York quickly picked up and anxiously asked, "Have you heard from Mr. Song?"

"I got it. I received the signal from him. I will send you the location now." The assistant said, while analyzing the signal point.

He had just said that when the triangulation was completed and he hurriedly sent the location to York.

"Mr York, please. This signal will always be there as long as Mr. Song doesn't take the initiative to turn it off, and it is real-time. You can save him according to this positioning."

The assistant's words were undoubtedly a boost, and York was slightly relieved. It would be much easier to save him if he had a position.

In country Y, almost no one can do little tricks under York's nose.

What he never expected was that someone would dare to sneak into the company and take Song Lan away, which was undoubtedly a provocation to his power.

Were this to get out, the blow to his reputation would be unspeakable.

Most importantly, he was a man of his word. Since he promised Song L
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