Chapter 1633 Don’t Let Him Go

When Jiang Sese woke up, it was near the afternoon, and Jin Feng Chen was leaning against the head of a bed reading a book, touching her hair with one hand.

When she woke up, Jin Fengchen asked with a smile, "Are you awake?"

Jiang Sese nodded, "Hmm."

"Shall we get up now? I’ll take you to see Song Lan. " Jin Fengchen said.


After washing up, Jiang Sese went downstairs to have a meal with him, and then drove to visit Song Lan.

Half an hour later, the car stopped smoothly in front of Song Lan's villa.

As a result of yesterday's accident, as soon as their car drove by, it was closely watched by the bodyguards arranged by York for fear of another accident.

As soon as the couple got out of the car, one of the bodyguards wanted to ask questions, but the captain grabbed his wrist.

The captain then stepped forward, bowed to Jin Fengchen and respectfully said, "Chairman Jin, why are you here?"

The captain had seen Jin Fengchen, and he knew that Jin Fengchen had also intervened
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