Chapter 1639 Arrest Them!

Jin Fengchen's eyes narrowed slightly, and he racked his brain for information about the Northern District.

The Northern District used to be desolate, but it had developed rapidly in recent years. To date, it was considered a fairly prosperous and gentrified area.

However, it was still some distance from Chengdu, and it was still difficult for him to find them.

"Young master, we don't know much about the conditions in the Northern District, but we have already sent people to investigate. We should reach a breakthrough soon. What shall we do next?" Gu Nian asked.

Jin Fengchen glanced at the night outside the window, and his voice was faint. He ordered, "The identities of those two people are very important, and they ran to the Northern District. Just inform Mo Tingfeng directly. We don't have to participate too much."

"Yes, I see." Gu Nian acknowledged his instructions.

After hanging up, he told Mo Tingfeng the news.

"Okay, I see. Send me the address, and leave the rest to me
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