Chapter 164 I'm Her Boyfriend

Now that the project had gone through, Jiang Sese was finally free of anxiety. She was now eager to leave. However, she was only able to take two steps before she lost her balance. She felt disoriented, and then passed out...

"Sister Sese."

Xu Na's pupils contracted and she panicked. Jin Fengchen reacted quickly and caught Jiang Sese in time.

Jiang Sese was ghastly pale. One could tell how bloodless her lips were even with her lipstick on. Jin Fengchen felt how hot she was through her dress and realized that she was trembling.

Jin Fengchen's face darkened and he asked Xu Na angrily, "What happened?"

Baffled by Jin Fengchen's anger, Xu Na stammered, "Sister Sese has been having a fever all day and I tried to persuade her to not come, but she wouldn't listen."

Xu Na then looked at Jiang Sese anxiously.

Hearing this, President Yu was even more impressed by how committed Jiang Sese was.

Jin Fengchen felt Jiang Sese's forehead and was surprised by how hot it was.

Su Qingyin's face
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