Chapter 169 Take Her on a Vacation

Jin Fengchen headed straight for the airport after leaving the hotel with Jiang Sese.

Jiang Sese remained perplexed the entire time. She had thought that Jin Fengchen was going to show her around New York or take her shopping. The airport was the last place she expected to go.

"Where are we going?" Jiang Sese asked in bewilderment.

"Are we going back home now? It can't be!"

Jin Fengchen smiled when he saw the bewildered look on Jiang Sese's face.

"What? Are you afraid that I'm going to sell you?"

"Of course not." Jiang Sese shook her head with a smile. She then boarded the plane with Jin Fengchen.

It was his personal jet, and apart from the cabin crew, the two of them were the only people aboard.

Jin Fengchen then had the crew prepare some food. Because of Lu Zheng's sudden confession of love during dinner, Jiang Sese had hardly eaten anything. She was indeed hungry now.

Jiang Sese asked as she ate, "Where on earth are we going?"

"It's a secret," said Jin Fengchen.

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