Chapter 171 The Year She Disappeared

The servants took over Su Qingyin's luggage when she got back home and she walked into the living room, looking exhausted. Mother Su greeted her with a smile. "Qingyin, how did it go? Did you have a good time with Fengchen this time? Where is he? Didn't he drive you back?"

Su Qingyin was already worn out from the long flight, not to mention the blow she took from the fact that Jing Fengchen and Jiang Sese had taken off together earlier. Mother Su's questions were like a fuse, setting Su Qingyin off. She exploded.

She was so furious that she smashed everything on the table.

She decided that she had had enough. "Jin Fengchen has abandoned me over and over again for that Jiang Sese, and I have to make that woman go away! I have to!" Su Qingyin screamed inside her head.

Her reaction made her mother jump. Father Su frowned and scolded her. "Behave yourself! That's not what an educated woman should do!"

Realizing that she had been impetuous, Su Qingyin sat down on the sofa, sulking.

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Kwanzaa Grandison
You never had him in the first place...he's made it clear...the ruin of this family will be sweet

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