Chapter 172 How Dare You Hit Me?

Jiang Sese enjoyed the day with Jin Fengchen on the island and they headed back home the following day.

On their flight back home, Jiang Sese looked out of the window and couldn't help saying, "Too bad Xiaobao isn't here with us."

"If only I could have the little guy here," thought Jiang Sese, feeling sorry for not having him here.

Jin Fengchen said, "We can always bring him next time."

Jiang Sese didn't reply. Her eyes flickered. "Next time? Will there be a next time? I don't think so."

The previous day was like a dream to Jiang Sese, and she knew that she would keep that memory with her forever, together with that different Jin Fengchen.

When Jiang Sese got back, the first thing she did was go to her office to report.

Back in the office, Su Shan praised Jiang Sese again.

"I've been contacted by President Yu and it seems that you impressed him. Good job. Go back home and get some rest now. I'll see you in the office tomorrow."

Jiang Sese smiled. "All right. Thank you, Manager
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