Chapter 173 She Had an Illegitimate Child

Over on the other side, Lan Sichen, Jiang Nuannuan, and Su Qingyin were discussing the project in a restaurant. As a matter of fact, the project was only a pretense. Su Qingyin was here to fish for information.

Her eyes flickered. She decided that she wouldn't leave here tonight unless she learned something useful from Jiang Nuannuan or Lan Sichen.

After greeting one another, Lan Sichen started off by talking about some of the issues with the project, and Su Qingyin answered all his questions. Everything seemed to proceed smoothly.

Halfway, Lan Sichen got up to go to the men's room, which was when Su Qingyin saw her opportunity. Squinting her eyes a little, she turned to Jiang Nuannuan.

Jiang Nuannuan tried to strike up a conversation. "Miss Su, I heard that you went abroad with President Jin the other day. How was your trip? Did you have fun?"

Su Qingyin smiled. "It was great. By the way, I ran into your sister when we were there!"

The look on Jiang Nuannuan's face changed at th
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