Chapter 174 Each with Their Own Plan

Su Qingyin was still smiling when Mother Su asked, "What are you going to do now? Are you going to hand this recording to Fengchen?"

Su Qingyin shook her head. When she first heard it from Jiang Nuannuan, she was so excited that she wanted to tell Jin Fengchen immediately, showing him what kind of a woman Jiang Sese really was. That way, she was sure that Jin Fengchen would dump Jiang Sese.

However, Su Qingyin was much calmer now and she realized that she needed a plan. Things were going well between Jin Fengchen and Jiang Sese at the moment, and she realized that if she simply told Jin Fengchen everything, he probably wouldn't believe it and might even think that she was trying to frame Jiang Sese.

After some thought, Su Qingyin suddenly recalled that Jin Fengchen's grandfather's birthday party was in a few days.

She narrowed her eyes. Jin Fengchen would probably be there with Jiang Sese, and so would the entire Jin and Qin families. She decided that she would expose Jiang Sese at
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Rose SB
Exactly! I was like wow, had him very early! Also, when will a dna be done since everyone says that Sese and Xiaobao resembles!!!
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Thangu Shiv
grandson is 29 years old when his grandfather turns 60.??

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