Chapter 175 Will There Be a Fight?

Over on the other side, Jiang Sese washed up after she returned home, and then went straight to bed.

She went to work as usual the following day. Jinse didn't have many important projects to tend to at the moment and the ongoing ones were all working smoothly, which gave Jiang Sese a lot of free time.

One day after work, she received a phone call from the hospital.

She arrived at the hospital in a hurry and was informed by the attending doctor that they were going to use a treatment introduced from the US on her mother. If the treatment worked, Fang Xueman would soon wake up.

Jiang Sese was jubilated.

"Really? Doctor, this treatment can wake my mother up very soon?"

The attending doctor nodded. "Yes, Miss Jiang."

Jiang Sese was thrilled and agreed to use the treatment right away. She paid the medical bill after that, using the bonus she got this month, which was a very generous one.

After talking to the doctor, Jiang Sese went back to the ward to check up on Fang Xueman. The th
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jenn rice
wow what a very great story, thanks for writing this up. kudos to you writer. hope i can read more of your works. patiently witing for the next episodes.?
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Lourdes Canizares Sanchez
When do u release next chapters?
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how many release chapters per week? can't wait and im dying to know what's next. is this a translated novel or an original?

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