Chapter 1811 Opening Act

At two o'clock in the afternoon, at the Haiwei International Hotel.

The parking lot was full of luxury cars, and the banquet hall was even more luxurious.

Seeing that it was about time, Xu Yingxi and Qin Wanqing took the elevator down and immediately saw several wedding photos at the door. Song Zimo and Yang Qiqi were snuggled together very sweetly.

And every passing guest could share their happiness with the wedding candy.

Xu Yingxi was playing with two boxes of wedding candy in her hand, standing in front of the wedding photos. She looked down coldly at the despicable couple, and only found it irritating!

"Yingxi, don't look! What's so good about them!" Qin Wanqing, afraid that she would be sad, urged.

She grinned, and said faintly, "Why shouldn't I? In fact, these two people are quite well matched when they stand together. A scumbag is the perfect match for a wh*re."

While speaking, she looked up and into the banquet hall. The lights were bright, and countless blue crystals
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