Chapter 1812 Guilty Conscience

"I don't know!"

Song Zimo was also very confused. How did he know that things would develop into this!

He was staring at the dozen or so media reporters, and the frenzy of flashing lights. His eyes narrowed slightly, and the sharp questions entered his ears.

"Young Master Song, it's said that you and Ms. Yang had already colluded with each other and conspired to harm Ms. Xu. Is this true?"

"Someone saw you and Ms. Yang in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital. Is Ms. Yang pregnant? How long have you been pregnant? Something had just happened to Ms. Xu. Is it true that, as the rumor says, you've been having an illicit affair? "

"Why won't you give a direct answer? Are you feeling guilty? Young Master Song?"

"Are the rumors outside true?"

"Young Master Song! Please give us a response!"


Song Zimo pursed his lips and frowned. At first, he was a little confused, but now he had calmed down.

Anyway, Xu Yingxi was still missing abroad. These people were simp
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