Chapter 1813 It's Ridiculous!

The wedding was in an uproar, if it went on like this, the faces of both the Song and Yang families would be lost.

Song Shiwu, Song Zimo's father, stood up and said calmly, "If you came to the children's wedding in good faith, I, Song Shiwu, welcome you. But if you come here with edited photos to make a scene with malicious intent to hurt my son and ruin his wedding, I will definitely not allow this!"

"Mr. Song! You were the ones clamoring for evidence, and now that the evidence is conclusive, and you deny it… "Someone raised an objection with a dissatisfied look.


Song Shiwu snorted coldly. He had an imposing air as he scanned the crowd and said righteously, "Everyone knows that in today's society, science and technology are developed, and any photos can be produced if you want them to. Who knows if these photos are intentionally doctored? Since those people want to ruin the wedding, they are naturally well prepared!"

After saying that, he shouted at the people outside, "
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