Chapter 1814 Who Said There Is No Evidence?

This time, Song Zimo's thoughts were almost muddled.

However, he quickly reacted and angrily accused her, "Xu Yingxi! You're just talking nonsense here! Obviously, you are shameless, and you are shamelessly hooking up abroad. You are trying to put all the blame on me now, because you've run into trouble?!"

"Yes! You have no evidence at all. What makes you say that about us?"

Yang Qiqi looked sad and covered her chest. "Yingxi, we are friends. I really want to be like Qin Wanqing, standing beside you regardless of the truth of the matter. But it's really cruel to Zimo!"

"It's obvious that you mistreated Zimo first. You have left him, and we are together. Why do you want to get involved now?"

Yang Qiqi complained, tears streaming down her face.

If Xu Yingxi was not a party to the matter, she might have been taken in by them. The acting skills of these two were so great they deserved an Oscar!

"What an amazing performance!"

Xu Yingxi had a cold look on her face as she said cyni
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