Chapter 1815 How Does She Know Young Master Jin!

The group turned to look in the direction of the voice. A tall figure stood at the door, dressed in a pure black high-profile suit. He had a straight figure, a knife-like outline and delicate eyebrows. He looked like the most perfect creation of god, who instantly drew everyone's attention.

Seeing the newcomer, Xu Yingxi stiffened slightly.

It was him!

Why did he appear here?

It was Jin Beichen!

Some of the guests at the scene did not recognize him, but there were still some people who recognized Jin Beichen's identity, and they began whispering.

"Isn't this the Young Master of the Jin Group who has just returned home recently? I heard that he has gradually taken over the Jin Group's industries!"

"He really looks like Chairman Jin when he was young!"

"Just from his looks you can tell he's extraordinary!"


Jin Beichen strode into the banquet hall, and as he approached, the crowd automatically parted before him. His aura was very dominating and shocking.

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