Chapter 1817 It's Shameful For You To Return!

Qin Wanqing did not return to her senses until the car had driven off out of sight!

With a look of realization, she covered her mouth and exclaimed, "Oh, my God! Xu Yingxi, what luck do you have? For Jin Beichen to help you out! I'm so excited! I just saw him at close range for the first time. He is so handsome!"

"I have long heard that the young master of the Jin family has returned to China to take over the family business. These days, he often appears in various high-end occasions, and has captured the hearts of many ladies' daughters. I haven't heard which daughter is closer to him. Today, he suddenly stood up for you. Do you think he's interested in you? He also saved you in a foreign country. He's a gallant knight saving the princess!"

"Sister! You're going to be famous! You might become a thorn in the side of some rich heiress!"

She was even more excited than Xu Yingxi himself. "If you really become Mrs. Jin in the future, don't forget me. To be honest, I always have a dr
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