Chapter 1818 You're Ignorant!

"Really?" Xu Yingxi said in a cold and calm voice as she looked at Xu Mengzi calmly.

If it were not for her grandfather, she would not want to stay with the Xu family!

Looking at the faces of their family of three, she felt sick!

Xu Mengzi vaguely saw a bit of disgust in Xu Yingxi's eyes.

Her temper immediately flared!

How dare she?

Why can Xu Yingxi always pretend to be so condescending in front of her!

Clearly she was the elder sister!

The eldest daughter of the Xu family!

"Xu Yingxi! Don't you know what's wrong?"

Xu Mengzi asked, "The company's share price has plummeted and it has to be criticized because of all the bad things you have done outside. We are all embarrassed when we go out, all this is because of you! You culprit, why are you so shameless? Do you have any shame at all?"

Xu Yingxi listened to these words and was unmoved.

For her, nothing can hurt her except those close to her.

Xu Mengzi said all this, but she was deliberately embellishing it, repeating it
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