Chapter 183 You're Going on a Blind Date?!

The kiss seemed to go on and on before reason prevailed over impulse.

It seemed to be forever before Jin Fengchen ended that kiss. He let go of Jiang Sese, and then said in a husky voice, "You're killing me!"

He then rushed into the bathroom to take a shower. He had decided that he wouldn't touch Jiang Sese until they were married.

A teardrop slid down Jiang Sese's cheek as she watched him from behind.

She loved him, but she knew that eventually, she would have to keep her feelings secret... "We'll never be together."


That night, Jiang Sese and Xiaobao slept in the bedroom and Jin Fengchen took the sofa as usual.

Jiang Sese didn't get much sleep that night. Holding Xiaobao gently in her arms, she was overwhelmed with sadness, reluctance, and a thousand other emotions.


When Jiang Sese woke up the following morning, she still felt bewildered when she recalled what happened the day before, which almost seemed like a dream.

"No, what happened so far has been nothing but a
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